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Although there is a category on dA specifically for self-portraits, self-shot images can also be equally at home in other categories. Because of this, it's not always possible for the admins of VanityTheory to know if the work you have submitted to the group is a self-portrait. To help us handle your submissions more quickly and accurately, if you put your work in a category which isn't People & Portraits > Self-Portraits, please take a moment to write in your Artist's Comments that you are the photographer of AND the model in the picture. This will stop us from having to ask you!
As with any major changes to the group, I'd like to run something past you guys. As the concept of gender is often not as simple as what genitals you were born with, I would like to open up VanityTheory to people who IDENTIFY as female, not just those of us born with ladybits between our legs. I'm not referring to people who identify as male but who happen to be wearing a dress for a costume party, I mean M2F trans peeps at any stage of transition. Is that cool with you lot?
As everyone knows, it's entirely possible to create a stunningly artistic self-portrait involving a mirror with the camera in view. There are lots of them on dA and what I'm about to say is in no way intended to devalue those images, so please bear that in mind.

I'd like to ask you guys to help me decide on something, because it's your group as much as it's mine. Should we accept mirror shots with compact cams or mobile phones? While it seems slightly wrong to deny a picture simply because of what it was shot with, the truth of the matter seems to be that those kind of photos don't tend to have much in the way of artistic merit.

Should we make a blanket rule about it? Or do you trust the admins to use their common sense? We're not a stuck-up elitist bunch and don't reject things because we don't personally like them or don't think they measure up to some unspoken standard of awesomeness, so if you do trust us to make these decisions, I promise we'll do it responsibly.

I just really don't want this group to end up with a gallery full of cellphone-in-the-bathroom-mirror pictures. Thoughts?
Group members, please submit your work to the group's GALLERY, not the FAVOURITES. Submissions to Favourites will not be accepted. Submissions to the gallery obviously will, and are, as usual. Thanks :aww:
The line between photography and digital art is often a blurry one, especially when it comes to the use of digital darkroom techniques and the fact that these are welcome in all the photography galleries on dA as well as Darkroom > Digital.

At VanityTheory we tend to take a step back when it comes to drawing that line and accept the judgment of our members when they choose which category on dA to submit their work to. This means that we don't scrutinise each submission to the group and question whether or not we believe it to be photography or digital art - basically, we trust you. And we're pretty relaxed with the definitions too. After all, this is a place to learn, grow and experiment as an artist.

But, the fact remains that we don't accept digital art here (there are lots of awesome groups which do) and pieces which are obviously digital art rather than photography (elements from numerous images used, sections of a person's face or body digitally removed, or painted elements, for example) will not be accepted into the group's gallery even if you have chosen to submit them to the Photography category when uploading them to dA.
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Group Info

A group for all kinds of beautiful, where gorgeous girls, sexy sirens, lovely ladies, foxy femmes and wonderful women, including anyone not born with female body parts but who chooses to identify as female, can share their visions of themselves through the medium of self-portrait photography.
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 28, 2010


Group Focus
Art Creation

666 Members
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There are three distinct sections of the group's gallery...

The folders defined by subject
:bulletblue: These are are only open to submissions from Contributors.
:bulletblue: There is a submission limit of 1 per day
:bulletblue: Contributors' submissions are automatically accepted.

The Non-Contributor Submissions folder
:bulletblue: This is, as the name would suggest, for self-portrait photography submissions for Members (NOT Contributors).
:bulletblue: There is a limit of 1 submission per week for Members.
:bulletblue: Members' Submissions will require 1 vote to be accepted into the group's gallery.

The Invited Images folder
:bulletblue: This folder is for images which have been invited to the group, usually the work of non-members (or not-yet members!).

Please do not submit photographs from your Scraps to the group! This is a place for self-portrait photography that you're proud of, that represents your art, not the stuff that you relegate to somewhere that isn't your actual gallery.

Anyone is welcome to devwatch the group to keep up with submissions and happenings. You don't have to be a member to do this.

The position of Contributor is one that cannot be applied for. Potential Contributors will be invited. It goes without saying that Contributors do have to be Members first.

Affiliate requests should be from self-portraiture related groups, specifically those for photography. I'd like our affiliations to have a purpose, and something in common with VanityTheory, rather than just being a way to drive traffic to this group.

If you have any questions, you're always welcome to note the group or contact me directly. So, go shoot yourselves!

Tanya x
aka RockstarVanity

:camera: Prefer your art with more man?

:iconthemalesoul: :iconartistic-male-nude: :iconproject-male:
:icononlymenphotos: :icondeath-guys: :iconmenphotos:
:iconmalevolentart: :iconmalebeauty: :iconthe-nude-dudes:

:camera: Want to share lady-art where you're not the subject?

:icondeath-chicks: :iconindie-girls: :iconamefeminine:
:iconjustportraits: :iconpaleispretty: :iconportraitclub:
:iconkinky-curves: :iconfetish-people: :iconglamour-portraits:




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